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Over the next three years, Gary and Elvira changed churches, became involved in a group study on marriage intimacy, and began to truly rely on God.  Despite the ongoing issues with the lawsuit, they once again tithed and made a constant effort to turn over their finances to God.  Gary and Elvira knew that a significant change had occurred in their lives when they found themselves praying for the builder and the attorneys involved in the lawsuit, which, at this point, had dragged on for years.  In 1997, Gary and Nathan took a vacation together in Paris while Elvira spent time with Aaron at the Grand Canyon.


Nathan and Aaron also reconnected during this time with one another.  Though they had always been close, they had also dealt with the many changes by isolating, both within the family and from one another.  In 1998, Nathan moved in with Aaron for a period of time in Colorado, where Aaron was then attending college.  Prior to this, Gary and Elvira, along with Nathan, had visited Aaron and together the family had spent a week together in which they enjoyed one another's company and reconnected.  Later, Aaron and Nathan travelled cross-country with one another to Northern California, where Aaron had secured a summer internship in-between semesters at school.  It was clear, in retrospect, that the family had turned a corner.  

Our Story  

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