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At the age of 14, Gary decided to pursue a career in chemical engineering.  After completing high school, Gary attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, from which he graduated in 1973.  College, for Gary, was seen as a way out of the small town in which he had been raised and into the broader world.  A week after graduating, he relocated to a northern suburb of Nashville, TN where he began working for the DuPont Company.


In late 1976, an unexpected change in assignments resulted in Gary’s transfer to Kansas City, MO. Moving from a manufacturing environment into a sales and marketing position challenged Gary while also encouraging and requiring a great deal of personal growth.  Gary's feelings were defined largely by the sense of possibility and excitement that resulted from his daily exposure to new people, places, and things.  His meeting Elvira Viggiano on a blind date set up by a friend fell easily in line with the overall progress and growth that defined his life at this time.    


Our Story  

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