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Gary and Elvira met in the summer of 1977.  The chemistry they felt together was immediate, which contributed to their decision to elope and get married after dating one another for five months.  The wedding took place on New Year’s Eve.  Now living together in the condominium that Gary had purchased, they continued in their jobs with DuPont and TWA.  On May 19th, 1979, their first son, Aaron, was born.  A few months later the family was transferred to Buffalo, NY where their second son, Nathan, was born on May 14th, 1981. 


The next fifteen years were defined by near-constant relocations due to the changing nature of Gary's career and DuPont's ever-evolving corporate structure.  The Delaplane's were transferred to and from Wilmington, DE, North Little Rock, AR, Seaford, DE, Dalton, GA and Atlanta, GA.  Elvira had continued working with TWA airlines until 1986, when the airline was bought and sold off.  After a period of readjustment, she began teaching and mentoring in the public school districts.  By the time the family arrived in Atlanta in the summer of 1996 they had survived three moves in four years and all were physically and emotionally exhausted.  The Delaplane's home life was punctuated with frequent arguments and permeated with an increasing sense of estrangement from one another.     

Our Story  

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