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After simplifying their lifestyle and down-sizing their home, Gary and Elvira started Mourning Dove Ministries in the fall of 2001. By the following spring, the couple discussed the possibility of Gary returning to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in counseling. After deciding together that Gary would return to school, the couple also decided that, for the time being, Elvira would continue to provide income and insurance for the family by working as a teaching assistant until Gary completed the degree in May 2005.


The next step of faith came in 2006 when the Delaplanes walked away from all of their other activities to put full-time effort into the coaching and counseling ministry. At around the same time, Aaron moved to New York City, where he has over the course of seven years managed to carve out a comfortable, yet exciting, life for himself.  Gary and Elvira feel that God has honored their decision to commit their lives to helping others who are going through experiences similar to their own in so many unexpected ways. Without knowing God’s entire plan, Gary and Elvira are passionate about doing all that God has in mind to heal marriages and to create new legacies for the children of those marriages. The story will continue…

Our Story  

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