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In many ways, the marriage of Gary and Elvira Delaplane is a testimony to life's inherent humor. Their childhoods and the families in which they grew up were poles apart.  As a result, their world views and the expectations they had for their relationship, and eventually their family, were fundamentally different.  As with many married couples, this only became apparent in a negative sense after years of marriage.  But, as they have learned and come to appreciate over the past three decades, the differences in their backgrounds and personalities have challenged them, helped to complement their strengths and weaknesses, and brought healing into both of their lives.  


Gary was the first-born son in a family that would eventually include two brothers and a sister. His childhood was spent in the small town of Logansport, Indiana on the family farm.  He grew up in the house that his grandfather, Harvey Delaplane, had been raised and his father had been born.  His father, George, provided for the family by working in the local railroad industry while his mother, Phyllis, took care of the children at home.  The rural upbringing played a significant role in setting Gary’s values and life perspective.


Our Story  

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