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Gary and Elvira's marriage and their relationship with their two boys seemed to be a constant roller coaster of conflict and struggles.  Their finances were shaky due to a lawsuit with their home builder and years of “playing religion” had taken its toll.  Both boys were dealing as best they could with the many losses of friends and having to continually adapt to new environments and cultures.  The differences that Gary and Elvira had found so attractive in each other while dating they now saw as character defects.  The traits and behaviors of each acted as a live wire to the emotional insecurities of the other.  In many ways, the family had reached a breaking point. 


By the end of 1997, the situation had brought both Gary and Elvira to their knees. Individually, each decided that their lives, as they were, were not working and that there had to be a better way to do things and relate to one another.  After years of self-sufficiency and a sense of spiritual disconnection, both Gary and Elvira asked God to take control of their lives, their finances, their marriage, and their family. That submission represented the beginning of what would become a new and often times challenging journey towards greater intimacy, trust, and understanding.      



Our Story  

by Aaron Delaplane  |  Page 5 of 10

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