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You Are Not Alone


Gary and Elvira Delaplane draw upon 44 years of marriage to

help couples of all ages establish a more fulfilling and intimate relationship. 

Mourning Dove Counseling equips couples with tools for effective, emotionally-based communication, resolves the painful issues that have permeated the marriage, and identifies and heals the core issues that each spouse brought into the relationship.








Since the loss of their son Nathan, to suicide in 2000, Gary and Elvira have also provided hope and empathy to others who feel grief due to the loss of a loved one or other significant hardships.  The Delaplanes believe the transformative power of God is most apparent when individuals honestly relate what they are experiencing with others who have overcome similar suffering and can provide guidance. 

Intensive Couple-to-Couple Therapy in 2-Hour Sessions

A Unique Approach Designed to Achieve a More Intimate and Passionate Marriage

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